Key Benefits


Improved inventory visibility and accuracy allows for greater planning and control

Quick View

Quick view of floor plans with aisle, rack, bay and bins and real-time inventory data through virtual warehouse


Optimize resources in terms of manpower, equipment and warehouse space utilization

Efficient order

Efficient order processing through optimized pick paths

Error free data

Error free auto data capture with barcode and RFID technologies

Real-time integration

Real-time event integration with ERP’s for synchronized data

High availability

High availability of Inventory through improved replenishment and forecasting

Improved order

Improved order fulfillment, accuracy and speed Replenishment alerts


Integration with SMS Gateway feature for communication with the clients


GPS Tracking for logistics & vehicles


Bodyworn camera for security staff

Voice Analysis

Layered Voice Analysis

Response time

Computer Aided Dispatch to reduce response time


Staff management with access control system