Effective Technologies For Warehouse Management

  • iWARE is a full-function Warehouse Management Software and Distribution Control Center System supporting real-time, supply chain, order-fulfillment activities.

  • iWARE uses wireless high-speed communications technology to direct employees in all aspects of warehousing operations, including completing tasks of highest priority.

  • iWARE has a powerful metadata model and entity abstraction framework resulting in a highly configurable and flexible application.

  • Communication Interface and the Application Service Layer provide multiple access options from the Interface Layer.

Why SaaS-iWare


Optimizing Space Management

It helps to identify Zones & Racks best suited for Each SKU in an Efficient manner.


Resource Allocation Planning

Robust platform that can Plan & Allocate available resources during In-ward activities.


Ease for managing Distributors

Managing orders, stocks and delivery on the go and automate primary ordering.


Lorry Receipt

Quick LR entries with Multiple invoice details.


Geo-Tagging Vehicle

Portrays Driver Details along with Live Location & route covered.


Order Management

Orders are managed date wise and priority wise.


Proof of Delivery

The delivery details and the signature of the person who accepted the shipment.


Self-Generating Pick List

Pick lists are generated automatically with our Smart functions.


Inventory Assistance

Managing stock in a robust way to Know & organize the Operations of the Warehouse.


Managing Transporter

It helps to know all the details of the transporters and the work/duties allocated to them.


Warehouse Activity

It includes moving items inside or between warehouses, and picking items for assembly or shipment.


Smart Shipping

Streamline the shipping pipeline with Smart actions derived from our BI-Tool to ensure that there’s less time spent on processing the orders.